Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls

Do you like rolls? I LOVE rolls. My all time favorite are the Kaiser rolls from the “Nassafößa Beck” (Bavarian slang for “Nassenfelser Bäcker;” pronounce: Nauss-a-fu(r)-ss-a Beck; a bakery in the neighbor village of my home village). But since I came here, I have found a couple of recipes for dinner rolls, that could make me forget my passion for the aforementioned Kaiser rolls. You’ve already seen one example at the top of this page, a recipe that I discovered in Marjorie Standish’s Cooking Down East cookbook, almost a year ago, for Thanksgiving.

I found another one in the latest issue of Cook’s Country. Well, the article was really about baking dinner rolls in the shape of Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls, using a muffin pan. And of course, they had developed a recipe that works perfectly to get this shape. Since I LOVE working with yeast dough (as you might by now be able to tell from this blog), and I found the picture of the rolls very appealing, I decided to give it a try. And bought a muffin pan. Yes, shame on my, I didn’t have a regular-sized muffin pan before. Only a pan for mini-muffins. C’mon, I can get muffins everywhere, I don’t really need to also bake them. While I really like muffins, I kind of don’t really want to make them at home. OK, maybe now that I have the pan that’ll change. Who knows.

Anyway, for no particular reason, just for fun, I decided to bake a batch of Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls, today. The article said that you can really use ANY old yeast dough recipe, it’s the shape that matters. I would recommend either a nice dinner roll recipe or, even better, a brioche recipe. Divide into 36 equal sized pieces of dough, roll into balls, set three balls of dough in each muffin cavity. Here’s a couple pictures, showing the process of how to make up the rolls.

Ain’t they beautiful? I underbaked them slightly. They taste a little yeasty, but that’s fine with me. And I’m going to freeze a bunch and will have to reheat them, anyway. Since I really like a buttery taste in those dinner rolls, I’ll try my trusty brioche recipe, next time. Ah, speaking of brioche, I should write about those, at some point, soon. Don’t let me forget about that!


~ by Benedikt on September 19, 2010.

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