Soft Gingerbread Cake

I love tea cakes. They remind me of the weekends at home, a long long time ago. My mum would bake a fresh tea cake, every Saturday. As kids, my brother and I had to take a bath on Saturdays. When I would come out of the bathroom, the entire house would smell like freshly baked cake. When the cake had finally cooled off a little, we were allowed to have a piece with a glass of milk. I was just reminded of these fond memories, when I entered my kitchen – it still smells like freshly baked cake.

Well, after the puff pastry, I didn’t really know what to do next. So, I asked a couple of friends, yesterday, if they would like to request something. Adam finally decided on Soft Gingerbread Cake. It’s not the season, but then, it’s tea cake, not actual gingerbread. It is a very spicy cake, flavored with brown sugar, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground cloves, and ground cardamom. Sounds delish? Indeed, it is!

The only ingredients missing in my kitchen were cardamom and half-and-half, so I decided to make a store-run. While at it, I also bought a Bundt cake pan. Finally! I was looking for an occasion to finally get one of those.

Well, what is to say about the cake? It’s a simple batter, nothing fancy. Instead of the traditional method, creaming together fat and sugar, adding the eggs and stirring in the dry ingredients, the recipe called for beating the eggs with sugar, adding the dry ingredients and beat in the butter at last. I believe that this is actually the better strategy. The batter felt very stable, the cake was rising pretty nice in the oven, and the result looks really delicious and appetizing. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I only made half the recipe in order to not overfill the pan. Turns out that I could easily have made the entire recipe, the pan is large enough.

After about 45 Minutes, the cake was all done, leaving the entire house smelling really really good. How to test for done-ness? Poke the cake with a finger; if it bounces back it’s done. If your finger leaves a dent you should probably bake it some more…

Yes, it looks beautiful on the inside. The crust may be a little thick but that’s ok. The cake is wonderfully moist inside, and very spicy. It tastes really really good. Reminds me of a German classic, “Gewürzkuchen…”


The final product in “artistic” presentation.

Soft Gingerbread Cake.


~ by Benedikt on March 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Soft Gingerbread Cake”

  1. that looks so delicious. do you think it could make a ginger bread house

    • I don’t think so. It’s just too soft. You could maybe bake a large rectangular cake and carve out the house (make a solid house). I should try that at some point 😉

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